180 pages, dozens of
illustrations. Perfect for kids 8+ to read on their own, or 5+ as a bedtime story.

About Us

Carlos Bueno was an engineer at Facebook, where he made things go faster. He is also the author of many articles about computer science, programming, and the structure of the internet.

Ytaelena Lopez illustrated the characters in the original edition Lauren Ipsum. She developed her “wildline" style while working as a printmaker and painter.

Carlos & Yta live in San Francisco, California, with their son Max.

Winsome Losesome started out with a hat and big boots. Instead Yta gave her wild hair, black gloves, and modeled her after our good friend Kara. Now I can't imagine Winsome any other way.

The book and this website are typeset in Sorts Mill Goudy. Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane, from his Fugue collection.

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