180 pages, dozens of
illustrations. Perfect for kids 8+ to read on their own, or 5+ as a bedtime story.

A story about computer science
and other improbable things.

Laurie is lost in Userland. She knows where she is, or where she's going, but maybe not at the same time. The only way out is through Jargon-infested swamps, gates guarded by perfect logic, and the perils of breakfast time at the Philosopher's Diner. With just her wits and the help of a lizard who thinks he's a dinosaur, Laurie has to find her own way home.

“Inspiring students to become the developers, engineers, and innovators who will create solutions to some of the Nation's toughest challenges."
The White House

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Speaking at the White House about kids & tech
Then one day you get a call from the White House. They ask you to come to DC to talk with policymakers and other people like you from around the country. You have one week to prepare. Go.

Teaching is Compression
How can the next generation learn faster? It's easy to forget that computer science is a very young field. Young fields are messy...

New Sample Chapter: Rounding Error
It was hard to concentrate with the birds singing and Xor screaming, but Laurie waited again, trying to see a pattern. A Round Robin can catch anything...

Running a book like a startup
Sometime last night, a reader in Europe bought the 2,000th copy of Lauren Ipsum...

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